04 March 2009

Breaking bread with Pete Wanat and Nick Torchia: Dining with Developers Vol. 1

Even though I tend to think of videogames as things that either: A) come from Santa's Workshop or B) are beamed to Earth from Planet Awesome, the truth is that they are made by people like you and me. Well, maybe you. Not me. 

Which is why I wanted to start a new feature called Dining With Developers. The premise behind the series is that Evan Narcisse and I will sit down in a semi-fancy (or barely fancy) restaurant with developers, ply them with alcohol and appetizers, then get them to reveal their innermost secrets and maybe even cry like on a Barbara Walters special.

The idea here is to humanize developers, to hear their stories, and to talk in depth about our beloved medium.

While at the DICE Summit a couple of weeks ago, Narcisse and I (along with Electric Playground's Victor Lucas) took Pete Wanat and Nick Torchia out for dinner at Hachi inside the Red Rock Resort. No one cried. Well, Nick did a little. It was great. How great? Click here. See? Told you. Great, right?


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  2. Don't know if I ever told you about my friend Jen Robbins. She's does a web show called Cooking With Rockstars where she interviews musicians she likes about what they like to eat and cook. It's a pretty cool angle, since it gets them talking about things they're probably never really interviewed about, and often they end up coming off as indeed very human and acceesible. Thought you might like to know about it. It's here: