02 March 2009

Internet's Fastest Game Reviews...Take one.

I've been charged with cooking up some original video content for CG. CG staffers Elise Vogel and Ryan Kuo and myself are on the case, along with my friend John Teti, the managing editor of the videogame section for The A.V. Club.

After an afternoon filled with pizza and soft drinks, we dragged a pair of ideas kicking and screaming into the world: The Internet's Fastest Game Reviews.

In less that 10 seconds, or in the case of the first video less than seven seconds (it clocks in at a near-miraculous six), we tell you everything you need to know about a particular title.

Our first attempt at lightning in a bottle is a review of Puzzle Farter.

It's fast. So put down your hoagie and give me your complete attention.

As for the second idea, we're working on it.

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